When a blind and deaf dog met her grandpa, the owner’s dad, for the first time after being separated from her for a year, the puppy went into joyous overdrive, despite the owner’s worries that the tie between them would be severed.

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A touching video clip of a guy named Steve making amends with Bitsy, the dog that belongs to his daughter, went popular on the video sharing platform TikTok. Hayden Kristal’s canine is one of a kind due to the fact that she was born unable to hear or see; nevertheless, Hayden did not let this prevent her from adopting the puppy when she was only 5 weeks old.

They were concerned about how the new puppy would adjust to its new environment at first, but she quickly demonstrated that there was nothing for them to be worried about. Hayden said, “She has always been her own woman, even from the beginning.” When I initially got her home, the first thing she did was make a beeline for the food dish, crawl straight into it, and eat until she passed out.”

After five years, she is still an attractive and lively canine who takes pleasure in spending time with her mother, a couple of her brothers or sisters, and other members of her extended family. Following the implementation of COVID limits the previous year, Bitsy and her mother were compelled to reside with their relatives. This was done to ensure the safety of Bitsy and her mother. As a direct consequence of this, the dog and his father would have to spend a whole year apart.

According to the caption, her father was anxious that after a year apart, Bitsy would forget him. However, this did not happen since the canine recognized her grandfather’s hug immediately away. She was jumping up and down as she latched onto the man’s face and began to lick it. Steve was just as happy to see the puppy as she was to see him, and his grin did not leave his face the whole time they were together.

“As soon as I got close enough for her to smell me, she absolutely lost her mind with happiness. I did the same thing,” Steve stated on his Facebook page. Bitsy has shown, once again, that the talents she does possess are much more astounding than the ones she does not. What a really great and wonderful person their soul is. It’s possible that you may get an idea from this video of how much love there is between us.

Because he loves his granddog more than he ever could have imagined, Hayley’s father spends as much time as possible with the dog. This is the only way for him to show his affection for the pet. Hayden claims that he is her most ardent supporter and lover of her work.

He will talk about what a wonderful dog she is and how much he loves her to everyone who would listen to him. ” She loves spending time with him because he does the typical grandpa things like showering her with sweets and toys, and he does it all the time.

Bitsy and her mother have traveled the United States on several occasions together, participating in activities such as skating, canoeing, hiking, and taking the subway. Hayden praised Bitsy, claiming that she is the world’s kindest, nicest, most compassionate, most devoted dog. “Bitsy” “She is not afraid to take risks, and she has a lust for excitement!” It would indicate that she has a similar fondness for ribs and barbecue sauce.

“She’s taught me a lot regarding love, life, and swallowing whole rotisserie hens before an authority figure can wrench the bird shrapnel from your thieving hyena jaws,” she said in her Instagram article. “She’s taught me a lot regarding love, life, and swallowing whole rotisserie hens before an authority figure can wrench the bird shrapnel from your thie

It is good that the family can finally be back together again at this time. According to Pet Place, even though dogs have the ability to see and hear, their main sense of awareness is their sense of smell. As a result of this, deaf dogs will rely on their senses of touch and scent to tell them when a person is close. This will drive them to become much more linked to their human companions than they were in the past. Because cats depend heavily on regular routines for their stability and comfort, it is helpful to keep items like their bedding and food bowls in the same location.

The question of how much information can be recalled by a dog is now the most important one.

Hachi sat patiently at the train station, as he had done so for all those years, waiting for his owner; yet, was there more to it than just routine and loyalty?
Swifto is certain that, in contrast to humans, dogs have a distinctive approach to the storage, processing, and remembering of their memories.

Because of their poor short-term memory, it’s possible that they don’t remember all of the meals they’ve already had; this might be one of the reasons why they keep asking for more food. They have what is known as an associative memory, which indicates that rather than having real memories, they recall events based on the connections they have with those memories. As a consequence of this, Bitsy was most likely able to identify the grandfather based on his voice and scent, both of which acted as a reminder of who he was.

There is no need for you to be concerned that your dog may quickly forget who you are. Put your concerns to rest and start loving on some adorable canine companions; there are plenty of options available in the event that you come across a specific puppy for this reason. However, make sure you adopt the right canines and that you have something to give them.

We are looking forward to hearing about Bitsy and her family’s adventures and will remain in touch with them to share in their spirit of joy.

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