They came at the location as quickly as possible to provide assistance to the Walton Region Fire Rescue in retrieving the terrified dog in a secure manner.

Because of the confinement of the area, a gas monitor was required to conduct an air quality test before determining whether or not it was safe to enter. After it was taken down, the firemen climbed a ladder and secured a safety line to the person they were rescuing.

The fireman worked his way cautiously down the hole until he was able to reach the dog. After that, he constructed a safety belt for the dog out of webbing that he had brought with him.

The firefighters continued telling the young woman, “Come on, girl. As the rescuer walked back up the ladder with the dog, who was quite friendly and glad to see the rescuers, the rescuer called down to the dog, “Come on, love!” The members of the SWFD personnel helped the firefighter and his dog squeeze through the narrow aperture.

This dog, thankfully, had a happy ending and was able to go back with his family after being separated.

Fortunately, despite being trapped in the hole, the dog looked to be in good condition and had not been injured. Animal Control in the Walton Region found nothing wrong with him after examining him.

After that, Walton Region Public Works arrived at the site to patch up the hole in an effort to prevent a similar incident from occurring in the foreseeable future.

The whole of the rescue operation was captured on video, which South Walton Fire Area uploaded on their Facebook page.

“We are extremely thankful to havin really been a part of this delighted ending and appreciate the excellent and speedy work of all responding agencies,” they said. “We are very grateful to have actually been a part of this pleased conclusion.”

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