He shared with her information that only she might have known about him.

To beat d.e.a.t.h even once is a feat to see, but to do it twice is to deliver a message.

The lives of a family would never be the same after the events that took place in October of 1997. A terrible turn of events separated them, but thanks to a miracle, a mother and her son were able to experience a moment together in paradise.

When Julie Kemp and her family were on their way home, they were traveling through the Mint-Hill Intersection when their vehicle was involved in a collision with an ambulance.

The collision proved to be lethal.

The seat of Julie’s husband fell backward, crushing the youngster who was sitting behind him. Landon, being just eight years old, tragically passed away at that time.

Or, at the very least, he has declared passed away for a short while. Landon was brought back to life by the first responders that arrived on the site.

That was the first time he had passed away.

Unfortunately, Landon’s condition worsened on the drive to the Carolinas Medical Center and he was unable to regain control. While they were moving quickly through the traffic, he managed to sneak across to the other side once again.

He was brought back to life, but he passed away once again while he was being treated at the hospital.

Despite this, Landon’s life did not come to an end.

The doctors and other medical workers were able to successfully bring the youngster back from the brink of d.e.a.t.h. However, the fact that he did it on a single occasion highlighted the risk that he posed.

Even if Landon were to survive the tragedy, according to what Kemp said in a video that was shown on CBN, his prospects of living a regular boy’s life are very remote.

They told Kemp that we would “live like a child of eight” if we did what they wanted. He would be incapable of doing activities as fundamental as walking, talking, or eating.

Kemp was prepared to take the risk in order to keep Landon since he didn’t want to lose him.

The little youngster was in a coma for a total of two weeks. However, everyone was taken aback when he regained consciousness without exhibiting any signs of brain injury.

Sadly, his father did not have the same experience as him. However, Kemp was still responsible for breaking the news to his son that his father would not be returning to them.

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