When the dog saw her favorite soldier again after she had been gone for over a year owing to her basic training, it was an emotional reunion for both of them.

The video’s popularity may be attributed to the fact that it demonstrates the dog’s undying devotion to its master and was first posted on Reddit.

The female soldier had been absent for a year as a result of her participation in training, and she was really excited to finally see her furry kid.

However, when the soldier returned home and knelt down to greet the dog, the puppy seemed bewildered and afraid. It took him a few minutes to realize that she was his mother, who had been gone for such a long time. He had been looking for her for so long.

When he saw his army mother standing in front of him again, he immediately burst into fits of delight. Our hearts are moved by the sight of this lovely and emotional exchange between the infant and the mother.

By Elen

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