Every one should be acquainted with the expression “adopt, don’t shop” at this point in time. There are a great number of animals in rescue organizations who are in need of affection, care, and a suitable home. Some of these sad creatures have been neglected to an extreme degree, and some of them have even been abandoned. The animals may have been ill, the home might not have been the right environment for them, or the humans might have been a bad match for the animals.

In any case, animal shelters are the source of a significant number of heartbreaking tales. However, there are also a few cheerful ones. While having a tragic beginning for this adorable white kitten, this one has a happy finish because the staff became creative to give this cat the life it deserves. Despite the sad beginning, the happy conclusion is because of the team’s creativity.

This is Champas.

Back in 2015, he was brought into the care of an Animal Welfare League shelter in Australia. Champas was a timid little kid who avoided making eye contact with other people and preferred to stay hidden in the shadows.

The employees at the shelter came to the conclusion that the best way to improve Champas’ chances of being adopted was to give him more opportunities to interact with people by giving him the role of “feline receptionist.”

As Champas socialized more and more, his outgoing personality blossomed to match his expanding circle of acquaintances. When the workers at the shelter realized that he was ready to be adopted, they launched an endearing advertising campaign.

By Anna

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