Sam Clarence brought Stanley into his home after finding him at a bully breed rescue in Christchurch, New Zealand. Stanley is a kind canine. It was discovered that he was living on a property that had been abandoned by his mother and his brothers.

When Sam was volunteering at a local shelter as a dog walker, that’s when he first came face to face with the terribly reserved Stanley. After being asked to watch for the dog for a couple of weeks, he decided to take him into his own house. On the other hand, Clarence knew as soon as he lay eyes on Stanley that the dog was going to be a “foster fail.”

Because of his troubled background, the dog was timid, fearful, and jittery when he first came, which is understandable given that he had a difficult existence in the past. But nowadays, Stanley won’t let go of his father’s hand and stays quite close by whenever he’s around him. He has such a deep affection for his human.

“When we came home, he was afraid, and it took him an hour to gently get out of the vehicle,” Clarence recounted. “He was shaking the whole time.” “As soon as he was free, I gave him a long, hot shower, some food, and a comfortable bed in front of the fire,” you may say.

At long last, Stanley emerged from his reclusiveness and matured into a kind and dependable friend. Even though Stanley is an older dog today, it is not enough to diminish the particular affection that he has for his dad. Even now, Stanley loves nothing more than being able to always be seen playing, watching television, or even sleeping with Sam’s hand in his.

By Anna

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