Anxious, she started walking in circles around the house. She was certain that just beyond the door there were even more infants who needed her assistance — newborns who needed a mother. She was certain of this.

She had a valid point.

When she stretched out to Jamie Gothro with her extra-toed paw, Cotillion had been residing in a sanctuary in San Bernardino at the time. Gothro was taken aback by the courageous nature of the pregnant cat and decided to take her in as a foster pet.

Cotillion gave birth to two healthy kittens quite quickly. Gothro was contacted by the San Diego Humane Society about a litter of four orphaned kittens who had no one to care for them when the babies were approximately two weeks old. The kittens had no one to look after them.

Gothro had high hopes that Cotillion would take in these orphaned children and raise them as her own, but she was cautious. She hid them away in another room until she could be certain of anything.

Cotillion immediately started searching for the kittens as soon as she heard their weak mews and saw the new arrivals. She gave off the impression that she was anxious about their well-being, and as soon as she found them, she started tending to the newcomers alongside her own infants by feeding them.

According to what Gothro shared with The Dodo, “Cotillion did not get overwhelmed by the abrupt doubling of her nursing burden.” “It appeared like she couldn’t contain her excitement”

Gothro, who has cared for a large number of cats, noted that not all of them exhibit particularly maternal tendencies. Cotillion, however, is special. She takes the care of the infants very seriously. She watches over them closely, and if they go too far away, she goes after them and brings them back. Additionally, she engages in games of hide and seek with them.

According to the assertions of Gothro, “It has been a benefit to the four additional infants, who were lucky enough to be nurtured by a cat, and not just by a human.” “As a result of it, I believe the cats will develop into well-adjusted adults.”

SPOT, a rescue organization based in San Diego, will make all of the young cats and kittens available for care after they have gained more strength. Cotillion will most definitely be accessible there for adoption purposes as well.

Up until then, it is guaranteed that they will all be secure and content, taking pleasure in their newly formed family.

By Elen

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