“This is what Jodie has left me.”

Most of us know Jodie Sweetin as the actress who played Stephanie Tanner on the TV show Full House with John Stamos as Uncle J. But they have a special relationship that goes beyond what we saw on TV.

In fact, they are so close that Stamos said she helped him through his years-long battle with addiction, which he kept secret from the public.

The news came out at the Writers in the Treatment award ceremony, where Sweetin’s memoir unsweetened won the Experience, Strength, and Hope Award. During the ceremony, Stamos gave a speech in which he talked about how Sweetin helped him deal with his addiction.

Sweetin had a hard time with addiction for a while, which is not a secret. At 37, the actress has been clean for more than ten years. She got a degree in drugs and alcohol counseling after she beat her addiction, and it was recently revealed that she also helped Stamos with his addiction.

Stamos said, “It took me a long time to hurt everyone who cared about me. It all came to a head when I got a terrible DUI and could have killed someone.” “I reached the bottom.”

He said that Sweetin was the only person in his life who could reach him and help him get clean at that time.

“Jodie loved me enough to let me walk my own path, and when I finally got the courage to ask for your help, I realized that the chatty little dog had become the master of wisdom and was right there with me during some of the hardest times in my life,” he said.

The 55-year-old told how Sweetin would run 12-step programs at his house and on the set of Full House. The actor just had his first child with his wife Caitlin last year, and his family knows him as a sober person thanks to Sweetin.

“Thank God, my wife and my new son will only know me as a sober husband and dad,” he said. “This is what Jodie has left me.”

We are so happy that both Stamos and Sweetin were able to stop using drugs. Do you have a special person in your life who helped you through a hard time? Tell us in the comments, and make sure your friends and family know about this.

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