Even though he is homeless and lives in a train station, this Thai man named Loong Dum always takes care of and feeds the stray cats who are his friends. Even though he doesn’t have any kids, he knows what it means to take care of someone.

He sells limes on the street every day to make money so he can buy food for his friends. Even when he is hungry and doesn’t have enough food for himself, his first priority is always to feed his beloved cats. They are like his family to him, and they depend on him.

“I don’t mind going without food, but the cat has to eat,” he said.

The story of Loong Dum went viral after a young woman named Warunya Wattanasupachoke saw him selling limes with a sign that said, “20 baht per bag, profits will feed stray cats.”

When his story spread on social media, people who care about animals admired how kind he was and offered to help him. Some of them came to him to buy limes, and others brought him cat food and other supplies.

After that, some people even took him to get a new haircut and clothes. After he got a new look, he went back to selling limes on the street because his life had no meaning without his beloved cats.

Warunya said, “We shouldn’t judge someone based on how they look.” “For example, take Loong Dum. Even though he has no home and looks rough, he has a big heart.”

Many people around the world have been moved by Loong Dum to love, care for, and help those in need, whether they are people or stray animals.

By Anna

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