The driver of the car hit a cat because he was driving too fast. The saddest part of the story was that he didn’t realize his mistake and try to help.

He quickly drove away from the scene and left the cat to pass away on the side of the road, without making the slightest effort to help. But luckily, some good people found the cat and called DAR Animal Rescue for help.

The founders of DAR Animal Rescue, Ermioni, and her friends got the call late at night. They were supposed to hang out with friends and talk about what had happened that day. But when they heard that a fragile animal was in danger, they changed their plan. They got there quickly to help the poor cat. At that moment, they and the poor animal needed every minute.

When they got there, they were upset by what they saw with the cat. He was still in a lot of shock, and his injuries were so bad that he couldn’t move. At the time, they had no choice but to put the cat in a toy box. As they were getting ready to leave, a woman came up to them. She wanted to be sure he had been abandoned. They called the vet to ask her to let them in to her clinic.

The vet looked at the cat and found that the back of his body was hurt very badly. He had a small cut inside his mouth, which made it hard for him to breathe. He had to stay at the clinic for a while because of his health problems. Everyone tried to make him feel better and gain his trust because he was scared.

By Anna

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