Jodie Sweetin, a star in Hollywood, has found love once again and is getting set for her fourth wedding after experiencing three previous failed marriages and a rocky engagement. In addition to that, she has the undying affection and unwavering support of her two kids.

As a member of the well-known television family the Tanners, Jodie Sweetin spent her whole childhood in the spotlight. Her life off-screen, however, was riddled with vices, and as she grew older, she became even farther estranged from the picture-perfect family she had on TV. Her life on-screen, however, seemed to be flawless and jam-packed with excitement.

As a young adult, Sweetin moved on from her role as the young middle child, Stephanie Tanner, on the sitcom “Full House.” At the age of 20, she tied the knot and became a married lady. She fell in love with Shaun Holguin, a police officer in Los Angeles, and eventually married him.

Sweetin and Holguin decided to end their marriage after living together for a total of four years. She once said that her struggles with substance abuse had a negative impact on her marriage. According to Sweetin, she didn’t start taking narcotics until she was 14 years old.

She had checked herself into treatment in the midst of the turmoil that was occurring in her marriage. In 2007, she made the acquaintance of the film transportation coordinator Cody Herpin. They had their daughter, Zoie Laurel May Herpin, the year after they tied the knot in Nevada, where they were married the same year.

Even though she was married to Cody, Sweetin continued to struggle with substance abuse even throughout this time. She had a relapse a few months after giving birth to Zoie, and in November 2008, she filed for divorce. 2010 marked the end of their divorce proceedings.

The star of “Fuller House” made her way down the aisle for the third time with DJ and actor Morty Coyle at her side. 2009 was the year they first met, and the following year, they were engaged. The next year, in December of that year, they had their wedding in Beverly Hills.

Sweetin’s third marriage ended in divorce, much like her prior two doomed unions. In 2013, the actress filed for divorce, and the divorce was formalized the following year in 2015. Beatrix Carlin Sweetin-Coyle was brought into the world by her mother and father, Morty.

The divorce settlement distributed their wealth in such a way that Sweetin also had to divide the money she made from “Fuller House.” Both Beatrix’s legal and physical custody were divided between the couple under the terms of the custody agreement.

In addition to giving Morty half of Sweetin’s profits, Sweetin was also compelled to provide Morty a payment of $10,000. As part of their efforts to maintain a drug-free environment while sharing parental responsibilities, the couple submitted to random drug tests.

She was ordered to pay child support in the amount of $2,800 per month, but she contested the order in 2021. Morty disproved the allegations made by the TV actress, who claimed that the unique coronavirus pandemic had an adverse effect on her career and that she would no longer be able to provide the same amount.

She had already begun a relationship with Justin Hodak by the time the paperwork for her third divorce was completed. However, things did not go well for her and Hodak in the end. Sweetin’s girls were there during the dissolution of both of their mother’s marriages as well as a troubled engagement.

When she and Hodak made the decision to go their own ways, the couple was already engaged. Hodak was the source of more trouble when he made the threat to publish humiliating images of his ex-girlfriend.

Sweetin alerted the whole public about his threat, claiming that she only did so because she was concerned for the safety of her girls. In addition to this, she sought that Hodak be given a restraining order. Jodie is a mother of two children at this point in her early 40s, but she hasn’t given up hope of finding true love.

The current boyfriend of the former child star is a therapist who specializes in catalyst rehabilitation. His name is Mescal Wasilewski. After making their first public appearance as a couple on Instagram in 2018, the couple made public their decision to become engaged in January of 2022.

According to the information provided on Wasilewski’s LinkedIn page, he earned a bachelor’s degree in social work from Hunter College and a master’s degree in social work from California State University. According to what was said on his profile, he has spent the last 16 years working in the area of mental health and addiction treatment.


The star of “Hogan Family” may not have had the most pleasant romantic relationships in the past, but she has managed to have a solid and excellent connection with her kids. Sweetin and her daughters all like using social media and may sometimes exchange things with one another.

On the other hand, she has instilled in them the ability to remain unswayed by the things they read or see on social media. Sweetin said in the past that she instilled her girls with the value of speaking their minds and being able to confide in her.

Zoie is Sweetin’s first kid and is now in her teenage years. She is an exact replica of her mother in every way. Zoie has an Instagram account that is monitored by her mother, and Sweetin has said in an interview that she is happy of the things that Zoie posts on her account.

Beatrix, Sweetin’s younger daughter, is also the recipient of her mother’s praise on social media. Sweetin is very proud of both of her daughters. Sweetin enjoys bragging about Beatrix’s achievements whenever she gets the chance, whether it at a school performance or a hangout session.

The star of “Dancing With the Stars” has acknowledged that parenthood may be challenging at times, despite the fact that she is now leading a carefree and joyful motherhood experience. On the occasion of National Daughter’s Day in 2021, she sent the following message on Instagram:

“Today, in honor of #nationaldaughtersday, I would want to express how fortunate I feel to be the mother of Zoie and Bea. I am aware that it is not always simple and that there are moments when it is not enjoyable… But it’s been so much fun to see my daughters grow through the years.”


The fact that Zoie and Beatrix had seen their mother go through stress and turmoil with their mother’s prior significant others made it difficult for them to quickly warm up to Wasilewski. However, Sweetin took a relaxed and kind attitude to the situation.

The connection between her and Wasilewski began as an affair conducted over long distance, and she eventually opened the door for him to see her children. The actor who rose to fame as a youngster praised her current partner for allowing the girls get to know him without trying to force a romantic engagement with them.

The celebrity, who is also the founder of an advocacy group called “Never Thought I’d Say This,” has been utilizing this time to debunk the idea that there is such a thing as flawless parenting. During an interview with Forbes, Sweetin said that she never considered herself to be the ideal mom and that she only tried to do the very best that she could for her children.

When asked whether she wanted her children to follow in her footsteps and become child stars or even if she wanted them to follow in her footsteps in terms of their professions, Sweetin said that she would give them her whole support.

However, she did mention that she didn’t believe Zoie would be interested in Hollywood since she was already involved in athletics and she was a very competitive athlete. Beatrix, on the other hand, was already shown signals that she may be a performer and had enrolled in after-school theatre lessons because of this.

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