It’s no news that this world is full of nasty individuals who violently mistreat helpless and defenseless animals and other species.

But, happily, there are still a lot of people on the planet who have big hearts and would never think twice about helping out a helpless animal if they were to come across one. This incredible individual is one of them. Even though he already has a dog and 16 cats in his house, he doesn’t mind taking in and caring for the unfortunate strays that he encounters sometimes on the street.

During the first half of this year, the person came across a greater number of ill cats than he ever had before in his area, and there was even a moment when he had four stray cats staying in various clinics at the same time.

Yoda and Niagara are just two of the strays that he has taken in and provided care for recently. Yoda was the first one he met out of these two, and they did so right there in his yard. The shrewd kitten was seen roaming outdoors and had previously resisted his attempts to contact her. However, when she had a severe health issue, she traveled to that place and moved into one of his cats’ dwellings.

When night came, the kind guy unintentionally heard her dreadful sound, which he described as “the sound of a horn,” and he promptly brought her to the veterinarian as soon as he could. It found out that Yoda had a terrible lung infection that required immediate treatment, so he allowed her to remain there for the next three weeks while he received treatment.

During her brief time at the clinic, the cat received not just spaying but also treatment for any parasites she may have had. Additionally, she had a weight gain. Yoga was instructed to be very hostile while she was staying there, nevertheless, when the guy arrived to pick her up, she was quite loving and allowed him to touch her

Niagara was yet another ill cat that this kind-hearted guy nursed back to health. Because of the sores and inflammation in her mouth, the adorable calico couldn’t control the amount of saliva that she produced, so he had to coax her from trash on the street into his garden so that he could catch her and take her to the veterinarian.

The treatment of Niagara was very difficult since she was even much more combative than Yoda.

After three weeks, Niagara had made a complete recovery, just as Yoda had, and the two of them were let go back into the wild, where they would have a much better time living. However, following their treatments, the two adorable ladies don’t forget to stop by his garden from time to time to pay him a visit and hang out with his outside kitties.

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