James Brolin, the renowned actor who is Josh Brolin’s father, was born and raised in the city of Los Angeles, in the state of California. The famous actor was also involved in the production of films, some of which are “Westworld,” released in 1973, “The Amityville Horror,” released in 1979, and “Traffic,” released in 2000.

Barbra Streisand became James’s third wife on July 1, 1998, and she is now still his wife. His first wife was Jane Cameron Agee, who also happened to be Josh’s mother, and his second wife was Jan Smithers. Both of their names are in the family tree.

James and Agee were married on October 16, 1966, but they divorced in October 1986, bringing an end to their love and their marriage. When Josh was only 16 years old, the future casting agent and actress was the one who initiated the divorce proceedings with her husband.

Along with Josh, Agee and James Brolin also had a child together; they called their daughter Jess Brolin. James’ first ex-wife worked for the state Department of Fish and Game and housed rescued wild animals as well as those that had been stolen or unlawfully held.

When Josh was asked about his late mother, he remembered that she had an “uncanny bond with animals.” In 2008, James’s son made the revelation that his parents had shielded him, despite the fact that their next-door neighbor lived a mile down the road from them.

After he moved away from his childhood home, Josh first learned about his famous father. Because of his mother’s work, Agee’s son was able to see a wide variety of creatures when he was growing up in Paso Robles on a ranch that was one hundred acres in size. These species included gorillas, mountain lions, chimpanzees, and many more.

Josh described how Agee had the ability to take on silverback gorillas weighing 500 pounds each and make them cower in her presence. In addition to this, he referred to her as “extremely reckless,” citing the fact that she had her children do chores when they were only six years old, despite the presence of animals.

According to Josh, his mother would justify her actions by stating, “We’re only going to be here for a little while, so why not?” Agee was also said to be a strict mother who had high expectations for her children’s literacy skills and expected them to pick it up in only five minutes.

Josh loved his mother despite the fact that she had her share of flaws because of who she was and what she stood for. After Streisand became his stepmother, she and his biological father, James, worked hard to provide Josh and Jess with a typical childhood.

Josh’s mother was killed the day after his 27th birthday when she was involved in a car accident in which she hit a tree. The actor had written about Agee before she passed away, and he continued to do so after she passed away because Agee continued to remain on his mind.

In a prior interview with Men’s Journal, Josh said that he thought it odd that his mother would have an accident on his birthday. Josh was asked what he found so eerie about this. He added that his father had the assumption that Agee had slammed into something while trying to avoid hitting a deer.

On the other hand, his mother was an alcoholic and had previously threatened her lover with a rifle on the same night that she went for her son. Josh postulated that Agee had grabbed for her phone before the collision, which caused her to “overcompensate.”

Even though he always contacted her and sent flowers on his birthday, the celebrity was unable to have a chance to talk to her on the day before the accident even though it was his birthday. He would want to express his gratitude to his mother for providing him with life.

Josh remembered that he had delivered the flowers earlier in the day but that he had not phoned when he was in New York since the day had not yet finished. Agee tried to get in touch with him but was sent to his answering machine instead. On the machine, he had a message that was intended to fool callers into thinking he had picked up the phone.

Therefore, his mother decided to leave him a message in which she asked him what was wrong and said that she wasn’t able to hear him very well before inquiring about the identity of the person she was speaking to. Agee broke out into a fit of wild laughter upon realizing what was taking place, and then, four hours later, she was gone.

Josh saved that last message in his storage space, but he ultimately put it away because he couldn’t stop listening to it. He said that he had a profound love for his mother, who had passed away in Templeton, California, on February 13, 1995, and that he still missed her greatly.

Agee was discussed in “The Good, the Bad, and the Very Ugly,” the autobiography that Sondra Locke published in 1997. Locke was Agee’s old acquaintance. In it, she was portrayed as an alcoholic who was to blame for her problems, but there was no mention of her passing anywhere in the piece.

The actor best known for his role in “The Goonies” said in an interview for the podcast “Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard” in April 2022 that he and his mother have a strong bond and often went out for drinks together. On the other hand, the connection gave him the impression that he was his mother’s substitute spouse.

He had the impression that so long as he performed certain things with her, he would continue to be her shining light. Losing his mother was the “worst thing that ever happened to him,” but it was also the “most freeing” experience of his life. She was the one who set the tone that “you had to be here, now,” and there were no procedures permitted.

The realization that Josh did not have to continue down the path of alcoholism and could finally become clean was a source of great freedom for him. He first responded to Agee’s passing, but over time he began working on putting his life back on track, and he finally married and created a family.

Two years after the actor’s wife passed away, he discovered that he had become disoriented and out of control. He remembered a day when his mother visited him in prison, and when he got to her, she was smiling. At the time, he was doing time for a crime, and his mother had come to see him.

That grin revealed to him that Agee’s love for him was conditional, and ever since then, he had spent his days attempting to re-create it by placing himself in situations that were harmful to himself. Josh enjoyed the company of his mother very much, but once she passed away, he was freed from the need to fulfill the standards she had set for him.

Because of this, he was finally able to start maturing and became more independent. The passing of his mother compelled him to start giving some serious thought to the path his life was on, and he shared his reflections on these topics as follows:

“The passing of my mum brought everything into sharper focus and emphasized all of its complexities. “What am I interested in doing?” Where do you suggest that I go?'”

Osh came to understand the fleeting nature of life, and as a result, he worried that he hadn’t accomplished nearly enough in his lifetime to be proud of himself. In an interview that took place in March 2014 with The Guardian, the actor from “W” discussed the impact that his mother’s passing had on him.

Barbra Streisand, the winner of several Grammys, found time in her busy schedule to join in the festivities commemorating key occasions in Josh Brolin’s life.

He said that it caused him to reflect on a variety of topics due to the fact that he had been a daddy’s boy his whole life. The realization that he needed to alter his behavior left James’s kid with the sensation that he had taken a step backward after having been on a hamster wheel.

Josh was able to develop a parent-and-son relationship with his stepmother, Streisand, that was more healthy after the passing of his biological mother. Fans have seen flashes of how close the two have grown via public shows of love and postings on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

Because he lives so near to both Streisand and his father, the actor known for his role in “Avengers” enjoys spending quality time with both of them. Even the COVID-19 epidemic was not enough to deter Josh and his wife, Kathryn, from paying frequent visits to James and his wife and their two children.

After being separated from James and his family for a few months, Josh and his family finally visited them at their home and even posted a picture of themselves together on social media. When Kathryn was pregnant, Barbra Streisand would contact her and provide name ideas for the baby as well as ask to feel her baby bump!

The actress, who has been married to James for the last 24 years, even gave her grandkids presents and was willing to babysit on occasion. She did not mind doing any of these things. The singer, who is a winner of several Grammy Awards, also took the time to honor Josh’s significant milestones.

In 2010, she and her husband accompanied Josh to a screening of “Jonah Hex,” where they captured some precious moments together in photographs. Additionally, she attended the premiere of her stepson’s film “Sicario: Day of the Soldado,” which was released in 2018.

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