Rocky, a German Shepherd dog, had owners named Taras and his family, and they made their home on the Costa del Sol in Spain. The toddler, who was just two years old at the time, had a history of being very well-behaved and showed much concern and kindness for her older siblings.

The owners of a German Shepherd dog decided not too long ago to test their pet’s response when they showed him a video of himself interacting with his puppy sister and some duck buddies on a laptop. They then started up the computer and played back one of the scenes from the game in which he was interacting with his friends on the same screen.

Rocky gazed at the screen of the laptop with a sense of wonder as he attempted to decipher how his siblings were navigating the environment on the computer display beside him. First, he gave the bed a smell with his nose, and then he stepped behind the screen to check to see if they were hiding there.

Rocky carried himself in a manner befitting the prettiest puppy. Both Taras and his buddy cracked a grin when they saw how intently he was watching the video on the screen. When he turned on the laptop, the first thing he noticed was all of his puppy buddies interacting with him.

When the dog saw himself on the television, he was obviously perplexed by the experience. So, Rocky swiftly turned around, leaned in to give his owner Taras a kiss, and then proceeded to look at the laptop screen, which was keeping him and his tiny puppy companions entertained.

The scene abruptly shifted to another time when the German Shepherd had just begun its life as a very little puppy. On the television screen, Rocky was taken aback when he watched himself interacting with his duck brother when they were swimming in a shallow pool.

He persisted in sniffing at the laptop and amused his owners by tilting his head while peering at the screen of the device in a comical manner. It was quite cute to see the expression of shock on the dog’s face. Rocky was perplexed by all that he saw right up to the very end and could not believe what he had just seen.

By Elen

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