Sometimes, people may literally save each other’s lives, although if they are absolute and utter strangers to one another.

An employee at a gas station came to the aid of a lady who had been hopelessly lost on the highway, unable to return home since she lacked both money and fuel for her vehicle.

Monet van Deventer, a resident of Cape Town, South Africa, soon discovered that she did not have any cash or credit cards with her when she went to gas her vehicle.

She didn’t realize she’d forgotten her card until just before she started filling up the tank, but the attendant, Nkosikho Mbele, was really kind and understood that this lady was in a bit of a pickle because of the situation she found herself in.

Monet immediately attempted to prevent him from washing the windows of the car as he stepped up to it to do so.

“I couldn’t get my finger on why I was so sure I’d forgotten my card. After that, I went hunting for it, and while I was seeking, Nkosikho started cleaning the windows of my house,” van Deventer recalled in an interview with Times Live.

She informed him that he did not need to clean her windows since she had misplaced her credit card and would not be able to pay for the service. However, the worker observed the red warning light that was on her gasoline gauge, and he or she was not going to let her drive off without further investigation.

I thanked him for cleaning my windows but informed him that I would not be able to put gasoline in my car today. She went on to say that it seemed as if he was experiencing tension and shock since he was glancing at her fuel needle, which was already in the red.

The gas station employee, who was 28 years old, just could not allow the stranded lady back into the freeway since doing so presented a possibility for harm. Because of this, he decided to make her a very kind offer: he agreed to pay her gas bill of around one hundred rands, which is equivalent to approximately seven United States dollars, so that she may go over the N2 highway in a safe manner with sufficient gasoline.

As soon as he approached the vehicle with the intention of cleaning the windows of it, Monet instantly sought to stop him from doing so.

“I was confident that I had forgotten my card, but I couldn’t put my finger on why I thought so. After that, I went looking for it, and while I was looking, Nkosikho began washing the windows in my home. While I was looking, he was doing it “van Deventer mentioned this in a conversation that he had with Times Live.

She let him know that he did not need to clean her windows since she could not find her credit card and would not be able to pay for the service because she had lost it. However, the worker saw the red caution light that was on her fuel gauge, and he or she was not going to allow her to drive off without first doing more inspection.

I expressed my appreciation for him washing my windows, but I had to let him know that I would not be able to fill up my gas tank today. She went on to explain that it seemed as though he was going through anxiety and shock since he was looking at her gasoline needle, which was already in the red. The fuel needle was already at an extremely dangerous level.

The attendant at the petrol station, who was just 28 years old, simply could not let the woman who had been stuck re-enter the motorway since doing so pose a threat to her safety. Because of this, he made the very thoughtful decision to make a very generous offer to her: he consented to pay her gas bill of approximately one hundred rands, which is approximately seven dollars in United States currency so that she could travel over the N2 highway in a secure manner while having an adequate amount of gasoline.

“At first, I speculated that maybe it had something to do with the business that Shell does this for you, but then I saw that he took out his personal credit card and paid for it. As I pulled out of the parking lot, it suddenly on me with what had just taken place.

Mbele is an employee of minimum mage, and the amount of the bill was practically equal to the amount of money he earned in a single day of work.

It’s not like the gas station employee had a lot of extra cash lying around with a weekly salary of 1,100R, which is roughly equivalent to $75. Even though he wasn’t certain that he’d ever get his money back, he couldn’t take the chance that the lady would be left stranded.

“I inquired as to how much petrol was left, and she said that it was low. I inquired as to whether or not she would be there, and she said, “I’m not sure.” Mbele subsequently explained his statement to Times Live, saying, “I said let me just do this for you.”

A few days later, the lady came back with his money and also brought a box of chocolates with her.

“I felt a tremendous sense of relief when she made her way back. You can tell when someone appreciates something you’ve done for them because they look at you in a certain way, and I could see in her eyes that she did. “I could see it in her eyes that she truly liked that I had done something for her,” Mbele said. “I did something for her, and she really enjoyed it.”

After Monet shared this on her Facebook page, the message soon gained traction, and hundreds of people expressed their admiration for the individual. After making that decision, she went ahead and organized a successful fundraising event for him.

On the website for the fundraising, she stated, “Since Nkosikho was the one who helped save my life, I would want to do something in the back for him.” Because his two children, mother, and brother all reside with him in Khayelitsha, he is in desperate need of any contributions that may be made.

The fundraising effort was ultimately successful, bringing in close to $94,000; this is an incredibly remarkable sum for the gas station employee since it is about comparable to eight years’ worth of wages. And as a matter of fact, the tale worked its way up through the organization to upper management, who ultimately put him up for the Regional Service Excellence Award.

In addition to this, Shell guaranteed that they would provide $35,000 to a local charity of the individual’s choosing.

Hloniphizwe Mtolo, the chairman, said to Mbele, “I’ve seen the excellent news, and I wanted to call and thank you for the fantastic job you have done.” We have come to the conclusion that the best way to show our gratitude for the actions of the general public is to provide a donation of half a million rand to a charity of your choosing.

It’s amazing how a seemingly little gesture of generosity can go such a long way in making someone’s day.

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