This dog was discovered in Romania, as you can see. He was aloneĀ and totally helpless as he lay on the railroad.

He was in a state that might be described as somewhat weak. The people who came to its aid believed that it had been run over by a train or mistreated by humans.

When a lady found him in such condition, she rushed him to the nearest medical facility right away. They had no hope that the dog would pull through.

He was in a terrible state. Broken and destroyed were each and every one of the teeth, as well as the beard.

He was unable to even breathe properly. At the animal shelter, a lady by the name of Kate was the one who discovered him.

She found herself falling so deeply in love with this adorable puppy that she ultimately made the decision to adopt him and assume all of the associated responsibilities.

The lady and her husband tried all in their power to help the dog recover from their illness. It is a fact that love can heal even the deepest of wounds. Initially, they fitted him with a foot replacement.

They wanted to do nose surgery, but the veterinarian strongly discouraged them from going through with it. It’s possible that the wound won’t close.

After giving it a lot of deliberation, they came to the conclusion that the animal did not need any kind of operation. He had a wonderful day and felt really secure. He had not lost his flawless appearance.

The name Bonnie was given to him. The dog is full of life and is busy all the time. He behaves in the same manner that “regular” dogs behave in every way.

He just has a great time and nothing prevents him from being happy and enjoying life with his beloved owners.

By Elen

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