In the situation that one were to believe the tales, dogs and people who deliver the mail do not get along very well with one another. Nevertheless, this adorable German Shepherd, who resides in New Zealand, and his mysterious canine partner at the post office have developed a special connection with one another. To put an exclamation point on it all, the people who live in this neighborhood are of the opinion that the dog in issue is an especially dangerous one.

When the dog’s owner watched the film from the security camera, he was more than astonished to see what the 9-month-old puppy had been up to. It would seem that his cherished canine companion is nothing like his neighbors had described him. And this is because, in the video, a postman can be seen lovingly patting the dog, and the canine seems to be more joyful than it has ever been.

“This mailman constantly stops to visit my puppy who is just 9 months old,” Collins said in a Facebook post. “Every day, whether or not we receive mail, this guy always stops to see my dog.” “He is constantly misjudged as a dangerous or unapproachable dog, maybe due to the fact that he is so enormous, but I can’t say for sure. He does not make any growling or barking sounds at them (there may be an occasional time or two when he does bark at humans, but what dog doesn’t?). But this other man here makes it a point to dismount his bike and greet him with a bear embrace and a pat each and every time!”

Take a look at the cute way in which they interact below:

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