In spite of the fact that Zarife, the dog, had been hurt, her heartless owner abandoned her in the woods. The person who owned Zarife couldn’t care less about her life or d e a t h. Zarife bawled her eyes out and wailed as loudly as she could in the vain hope that someone would hear her.

When a kind Samaritan came upon the puppy, he immediately contacted a local animal rescue group. They came as swiftly as was possible under the circumstances. The dog was in a great deal of discomfort. She was ecstatic that someone was coming to help her at last, as seen by the wagging of her tail, but the agony she was in was intolerable. They were in a hurry, so after putting the dog in the vehicle, they went directly to the veterinarian’s office.

The giardia diagnosis provided by the veterinarian was correct, and prompt treatment was administered. On the other hand, she was covered from head to toe with infected wounds. In addition to the medicines, she needs pain medication. The fussy newborn cried out in pain whenever anybody attempted to touch her irritated skin. According to the results of further tests, she was also underweight and anemic. This meant that she was never fully nourished in the first place, and for a considerable amount of time, she was left to fend for herself in the woods.

Considering all that this poor dog had been through, she never stopped licking, hugging, and wagging her tail at her new human friends once she met them. Her will is unyielding, and she has already shown that she is a warrior in the making! “ Her prior interactions with people were without a doubt a failure for her.” Because of this, our hearts are broken. Even if she is now safe, it is inexcusable that she had to go through all of that pain in the first place.

The younger one is shown remarkable improvement. After barely a week, she reports that she is feeling considerably better. When one of the rescue workers opens the door to her kennel, she immediately offers her human friend the cutest puppy hug possible. Despite the fact that she is a dog, she has a great deal of emotional depth. Some people believe that dogs do not feel the same way that humans do, but this is not the case with her. The warmth of their hug says it all.

The adorable dog is becoming bigger and more powerful every day! She does not yet have a home that will be hers permanently, but the people who rescued her are doing their best to find her the perfect family. Is it possible for us to give Zarife our warmest regards and prayers? She has earned everything and then some! We are relieved to learn that Zarife is in good health and safety.

By Anna

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