There are a number of heartbreaking video clips and photographs of cruel (let’s be honest) individuals deserting their dogs, and it breaks your heart to see them. These are the kinds of sad tales that are often not covered on Bored Panda, at least not until the furry friends in question get the happy ending they deserved. To our good fortune, this is one of those stories that has a nice ending.
Earlier on in this year, a disturbing video showing a crippled puppy being abandoned on the side of the road went viral, leaving millions of people in complete and total outrage and disgust. The city of Sao Leopoldo, which is located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil, is where the footage for the video clip was shot.

It is thought that the event took place around six months ago. The harrowing video footage shows a white automobile pulling over on the side of a desolate road, where a woman is seen exiting the vehicle and bringing out a white dog that is missing one of its legs. The cold-blooded lady gives him a vicious shove before getting into her car and fleeing the scene. After seeing this horrific film, a great number of people were reduced to tears. This sad dog was abandoned twice on the same day earlier this year, making him walk on three legs instead of four.

People were able to identify the sad three-legged puppy in the video only one day after it was released online, which is a blessing. Tin-Tin was the new name bestowed to the dog when he was adopted by the animal welfare organization Patas Geurreras, which also gave the dog his new name. After some time had passed, it was discovered that TinTin had, in fact, been abandoned twice in a single day. Tintin was brought back home the first time he was abandoned when a woman who spotted him on the street and thought he was lost brought him to her house. His owner, on the other hand, was completely heartless and callous, and she abandoned him once again. When the video clip became widely distributed on the internet, it infuriated a great number of individuals.

When word spread about TinTin and his tale, scores of individuals reached out to give their support.

Fortunately, another person spotted him and brought the unfortunate creature to a refuge for animals. The video that was shot of TinTin being cared for by the Patas Guerreras crew was eventually uploaded to Twitter and shared with the public. And it gets even better: the dashing TinTin was adopted by new doting owners in what seems like no time at all. Given the horrible circumstances under which TinTin was abandoned, the charity that had previously taken care of him said that he is doing “exceptionally well.” In addition to this, they mentioned how the dog with the disability is receiving the love and attention from his new owners that he so well deserves. Animal rescue workers, on the other hand, were quite selective about who they put their faith in about this canine.

Tintin’s former owners have been located, to the relief of everyone involved in the investigation. They revealed that they had abandoned the unfortunate puppy and left him to fend for himself. Anderson Ribeiro, the manager of the Secretariat of Animal Protection in Sao Leopoldo, sent the information that he had gathered to the police in order for them to verify their inquiry on the cost of animal mistreatment, and the police have now asked witnesses to testify. Abuse of a companion animal may result in a jail sentence of three months to one year, in addition to a monetary fine. At this time, he gives the impression of being happy and looking as healthy as ever.

Tin Tin is prospering, and its inhabitants may at long last live in peace.

Fortunately, it seems as if Tintin is doing well both mentally and physically. It seems that the gorgeous puppy has found his eternal home after being adopted by his brand-new owners and receiving cuddles from them. Especially in light of the news that those individuals who deserted TinTin will undoubtedly be subject to serving time in prison.

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