In this video, we see the people who are going to rescue Oreo and Cookie Monster arrive to the roadway where they are stuck. The hero swiftly weaves a web to catch Cookie Monster as he dashes into the busy streets, so preventing him from putting his life in jeopardy. On the other hand, Oreo does not take well to the sight of her little one being captured and held by a human. As the nervous mother dog starts to resist, the people trying to save her decide to call for further assistance.

The people who are trying to save Oreo beg the person who had been feeding him during all of this time to help them. As soon as Oreo recognizes him, she makes a beeline for him and begs him to help her protect her child. The guy reassures her that Cookie Monster will be well with the new people and helps her to regain her composure. In the end, the rescuers gave Oreo permission to kiss her puppy in an effort to persuade her that their plan was sound.

Oreo and Cookie Monster do as their rescuers ask and make their way to the shelter, where they have the hope of starting a new and much better life. Following the completion of their medical examinations, they were sent to a foster home, where they were used to living the good life as cherished and doted-upon pets!

According to the most recent information provided by the rescue organization, the mother and son pair has been gratefully adopted into a fantastic family and have been nicknamed Lady and Reptar. They also take great pleasure in strutting joyfully through their neighborhood, where they are notorious for being total “traffic-stoppers” due to the “lethal” cuteness of their appearance.

By Elen

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