Children and animals have a special bond that is both endearing and affectionate. It should thus come as no surprise that people are completely obsessed with them. As a result, when a pics of a little girl interacting with her two animal companions was uploaded to social media, it instantly gained a large number of views and won the hearts of people all over the world. Simply scroll down to see the photos, and be ready to be delighted by its endearing qualities.

Motor is the name of the feline companion, while Dabao is the name of the golden retriever. The popular pics show a number of people hugging and kissing one other throughout the clip. The girl is being held and caressed by her golden dog, Dabao, while at the same time she is cuddling and petting Motor. It would seem as if three close friends are getting set to take a sleep in the afternoon.

This is not the first time the lady has captured footage of the three lovable individuals on camera. Since 2018, she has started posting social media updates in which she documents the couple’s day-to-day lives. Her profile on Douyin has a number of endearing photos in which the group participates in a variety of endearing activities.

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