You can refer to him as a hero, but he is so much more than that! A police officer in Arizona made the decision to adopt a young girl whom he had helped and comforted while on duty.

March of 2018 marked the beginning of it all. When the dispatcher told him and his team to inspect a residence, Brian Zach, who is now a lieutenant with the Kingman Police Department, was working as a patrol sergeant at the time. After they arrived, Officer Brian introduced himself to a young lady named Kaila, who was only two years old. After being mistreated by her carers, the young girl received consolation from the compassionate officer.

Lieutenant Brian shared with Good Morning America that during downtime, the group “colored and snacked.” “She was this adorable little creature, and she was holding my hand the whole time. After the police arrived, they were the ones to pick her up and take her to the hospital.

Even though he only spent a few minutes with Kaila, Officer Brian, who is also a father of two, was extremely moved by her story, and once he got home, he told his wife Cierra that they need to help that little girl. Even though he only spent a few minutes with Kaila, Officer Brian, who is also a father of two, was extremely moved by her story. And what could be a more meaningful way to assist her than to offer her a forever home?

At long last, the adorable young Kaila became a member of the Zach family earlier this summer. At the Mohave County Superior Court in Lake Havasu City on the 18th of August, Brian and his wife made the adoption of their daughter Kaila official. The little girl, who was now 4 years old, was happy to be a part of such a wonderful family.

Officer Brian provided the following explanation: “She came with a sippy cup and a bag of clothes that didn’t fit her and that was it.” “Within the first two days of being together, she began referring to my wife as “mom” or “mommy. After a week or two of calling me “man,” she finally figured out that I was actually her father when she started preschool. Our plan was to shower this tiny baby with affection and take care of her for as long as we could.

Even Officer Brian’s other officers were moved by the kindness of his gesture. According to Rusty Cooper, the chief of the Kingman Police Department, “Lt. Brian Zach’s dedication to public safety is demonstrated in his dedication and love for Kaila.” We are thankful that Brian and his family are a member of the Kingman Police Department and are proud of everything that he has accomplished.

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