Here is a remarkable account of the power that the love shared between brothers may have. Maverick Oyao wanted to demonstrate to his sister, Lu Asey Keanna, how much he cares for her, so he decided to put his creative ability to the test. It all began when her sister’s school made the announcement that they were going to go through with their Junior-Senior (JS) Prom after all. Asey was worried that her parents would be unable to purchase a ball gown since it was a must for them to attend the event.

Maverick, though, did not want for his sister to be unhappy.

Because she couldn’t buy a beautiful prom dress, the sister’s brother sews her one from scratch.

He was aware that he ought to take action, and so he devised a ball gown that was uniquely his own. Although the garment had a lower production cost, its actual value was far more than anything that could be offered by a designer boutique. Maverick just had a few days left to work on the garment before it was due, so he went to the textile shop to get the necessary supplies.

He was only allowed a small budget of Php 3,000 (about $62), but he still managed to get what he needed and get started making the outfit he had envisioned. His source of motivation? Michael Cinco is a Filipino fashion designer who has achieved international fame.

I began thinking after looking at several styles of ball gowns on Google and YouTube, particularly those from Michael Cinco’s Spring and Summer Collection.

Now comes the beginning of the process of creation.

Initially, he worked on the skirt by designing designs and then cutting the cloth into pieces. Following that, he used white satin ribbon to create crossing designs. In addition to that, he adorned this section with sequins, transparent crystal beads, and plastic flowers. Even though we’ve only completed half of it, you can already see how stunning the finished product will be!

He next moved on to the corset, which he hand-painted in an ombré pattern of blue and white to complement the palette of the garment.

Maverick is not yet finished, despite the fact that it is beginning to look incredible.

He added sleeves to the garment, following the same ombré technique that was used on the corset and the hemline of the skirt, much like the work of Michael Cinco.

And the end product is just incredible!

In her ball gown with a winter motif, Asey looked absolutely imperial.

Another shot with Asey and her security guard is seen here. They made such a sweet and charming couple. Naturally, Maverick can’t resist taking a picture of his attractive sister wearing one of his creations because he just can’t help himself. This piece of artwork is his way of telling his sister how much he cares for her.

“As your supportive kuya (big brother), I’ve done my job very well, and I won’t grow weary of helping you in any way that I can. That is a guarantee from me. “I hope I was able to make you smile on this special day for Valentine’s Day,” he said in a post on Facebook that was dedicated to his sister. It was more than simply a ball gown to Maverick; it was the result of the love shared between brothers.

Even though Asey didn’t take home the trophy for Greatest Dress at her prom, her brother still considers her to be a winner. According to him, her dress was the best not because he designed it or created it, but because she was the one who wore it. That right there is some serious flexing for the love of one’s siblings. Maverick is now supporting his family via the use of his talents and creative abilities.

He is now open to taking on design and style tasks, in addition to participating in photoshoots. On his Facebook page, he showcases his most recent work, which includes pre-birthday photoshoots for his customers. In addition to that, you can see that he and his sister are having a good time in front of the camera. He gets his energy from focusing on the things he is good at doing. In addition to that, he expresses his affection and support for Asey and the rest of his family in this way. Please DISCUSS this with your loved ones and close friends.

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