Both Jen and Ian are huge animal lovers, especially feline friends. As a direct consequence of this, the pair has been acting as cat foster parents for the last nine years. They go to the local shelter very often in order to aid senior cats in finding homes that will be theirs forever.

They already had three cats of their own, all of whom were foster failures, so they wanted to continue fostering and hunt for adult cats. All of the foster kittens that they raised failed to find homes. Their lives were turned upside down, however, when they came upon a small blind kitten who immediately won their hearts.

When the couple went to their community’s animal shelter, they came upon a little blind kitten that was confined in a cage. According to the employees at the shelter, he had to have surgery to have both of his eyes removed since he suffered from a genetic disease.

Jen shared her observations with Naturee, stating, “I saw this teeny little cat who had his eyes removed, so he had sutures on his eyes and he was wearing a cone. He was sitting in his cage, all by himself, trying to eat out of a food bowl.”

The little creature was apparently born with a genetic condition, as the vets have said. Because his eyes were not working properly and were constantly polluted, they had to remove his eyes and seal his eye sockets in order to keep him healthy and happy. This was necessary in order to avoid infection and to maintain him in good spirits.

After realizing that the cat needed their assistance, the couple decided to take him home as a foster pet and gave him the name Bop. The young cat quickly became used to his new environment and stopped seeing himself as being any distinct from the other cats.

“The thought of leaving him there was simply too much for me to handle,” Jen said, explaining why they decided to take him home. “Alright, we’re taking this one,” she said.

In his new environment, he investigated and played just as any other kitty would. The cats that belong to Jen, on the other hand, were frightened of the little blind kitten since they had no clue how to interact with him.

When Jen arrived to the shelter, she recalled that Bop had a sibling who was also named Boop. As a direct consequence of this, Jen and Ian made the decision to go back to the animal shelter in the hopes of bringing Bop’s brother home with them to serve as a playmate. She believed that bringing Boop home would improve the relationship between Bop and her other cats.

Boop had a remarkably good relationship with the other cats, and he loved his brother very much. At some point, all of the cats started having a good time while they were playing together.

After six months, the couple considered looking for adopters for the cats, but ultimately came to the conclusion that they did not want to give up the siblings. They were so taken by them that it bordered on becoming an obsession for them. Because of this, Jen and Ian have taken Bop and Boop into their home!

Last but not least, Bop and Boop have been adopted into a loving and permanent home, and after one year with their new family, the cats are doing very well. Additionally, they get along swimmingly with the foster kittens that Jen and Ian have.

By Elen

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