Three thieves stormed into a pharmacy in Brooklyn’s New Trend with a little dog to scare away other robbers who ran in the pharmacy armed with weapons, however, they were unsuccessful in their attempt to take anything and were eventually able to flee the scene.

When one of the guys, who was equipped with a weapon, hopped over the cashier’s counter, the footage shows multiple customers and clerks running for cover while the man who was armed with the weapon remained in the area.

After a few seconds have passed, it is possible to see the owner of the pharmacy’s little white dog coming out from behind the counter toward the people who are acting suspiciously and barking violently at them.

The suspect who had jumped behind the counter then falls back over the counter as he attempts to get away from the dog. Meanwhile, another one of the thieves makes his way out via an aisle.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt and nothing was taken, but the police are still seeking those responsible even though none of those things happened.

By Anna

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