Little Scottie was a kitten who had some issues with his legs. It was the opinion of the medical professionals that his back legs were incompletely formed. There were two protrusions sticking out there. But Scottie was lucky enough to find a loving home with Nikki, who took him in and showered him with affection.

As a result of the fact that the kitten became distressed whenever Nikki was not around, Nikki chose to keep the kitten with her at all times and even sleep in the same room as Scottie. Nikki made the decision to be helpful to the small kitty, and she built a unique staircase for him.

The discomfort that the kitten felt was a direct result of the fact that climbing the stairs was challenging for it. Nikki went to her mother for assistance since her mother had a background in ballet.

The grandma suggested that Scottie get some specialized footwear. The kitten’s legs were cured by the boots, and he began to walk after wearing them. Even the physician confirmed that the boots were beneficial to him, and that he no longer need them. Because to the compassionate lady and her mother, the little cat was now prepared to find a home where it could stay forever.

Scottie’s age-mate was a kitten that belonged to a guy called Moses who also owned another cat. He improved the quality of his life by taking in this adorable kitty.

By Elen

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