Those eyes may have a unique appearance, but behind them lies unimaginable suffering… Just get rid of them like that.

I really hope that the people who adopted her take her to the vet as soon as possible and make sure that this problem is fixed right away…!

Marie-Josee Brisson and her daughter Monica, who is 17 years old, are the owners of the fluffy Norwegian Woodland cat. They rescued the kitten from their neighborhood veterinarian, and according to them, it was love at first sight when they saw the kitty.

Pico, who originally had green eyes, contracted an ailment that ultimately led to him losing his vision. After glaucoma in both eyes robbed Pico of his sight and left him with enormous and unusual-looking bulging eyes, it is instantly apparent to notice that Pico is distinct from other cats. This is because glaucoma in both eyes deprived Pico of his vision.

The nine-year-old cat had been a stray for much of his life until he was hit by a car and thrown into a coma for three days prior to making a miraculous recovery. The accident occurred while he was a stray.

When Marie-Josiee and Monica went to see Pico while he was receiving treatment at their neighborhood veterinarian’s office, they made the split-second decision to provide him the loving and stable home he needed.

You should give gratitude to the Lord since the wretched Soul has really found a home that can care for it, and maybe a remedy will ease the suffering of the Lovely Souls.

What a beautiful fellow, so glad you located your loving forever home sweetheart

By Elen

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