It has been shown that the relationship that exists between a mother and her offspring is one of a kind. In most cases, the transmission of this relationship is possible via the maternal instinct. This is the tale of a mother who followed her gut instinct, which led her to unearth a startling secret in her own family.

When a mother learns that she is going to be a mother, she starts having dreams. Her mind starts to be flooded with questions and ideas such as who the developing embryo may be, what they might be like, and how they would impact the dynamic of the family.

When the baby is finally delivered, the mother’s maternal instincts will take over, and she will want nothing more than to shield her kid from any potential harm.

The vast majority of the time, these instincts prove to be accurate, which either facilitates a stronger attachment between the mother and her kid or protects the mother from the trauma of seeing the injury or death of her child.

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This was the situation that befell a woman called Laura, a mother who had an uneasy sensation that her infant daughter could be in danger. Then, in an effort to assure her child’s well-being, she checked the baby monitor, only to be confronted with a frightful scene. The interesting tale is recounted here in all its gory glory.

On October 9, 2021, a mother named Laura from Kentucky was home alone with her fiance, their dog, and their newborn daughter. No one else was in the house with them. After everyone had found a comfortable position in the living room, Laura made the decision to put her daughter to sleep in the bedroom that was located on the second floor.

“I came back down to the basement after putting her in her cot. My fiance, our dog, and I are now downstairs, and we are watching her on an iPad that is linked to a monitor. Since we are all seeing her on the iPad, she cannot see us “It was stated by the mother.

Initially, Laura said that she did not see anything wrong on the monitor; but, a few minutes later, her maternal instincts kicked in and she began to get concerned. The woman’s statements are as follows:

“And I never seen anything odd while sitting there; I simply had a horrible feeling and decided to just physically hurry upstairs and get her.” “And I never seen anything unusual while sitting there.”

Her fiance had no idea what to make of the situation when Laura walked downstairs with the baby. After asking her why she was taking the kid downstairs, Laura repeated the explanation that she had given him earlier and claimed that she had a horrible feeling about it.

When the pair reached that point, they made the decision to review the film, and when they did, they saw something that gave them chills. “After I had laid her down to sleep and left the room, maybe five minutes later, there were legs that were strolling out of the room,” Laura recounted. “After I had put her down to sleep and left the room.”

“There is no other way to enter her room since her window is closed and locked. You will never see anything going in; all you will see is legs leaving. In a very literal sense, my fiancee began sobbing and trembling “She went on to say more.

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The mother said at the time that it had not occurred to her that they may have been living with an invader until she saw a remark requesting her to examine the attic. Prior to that, she had not even considered the possibility.

“We had a family member who works in law enforcement who is a member of my fiance’s family come back out to check,” Laura admitted.

“So he gets up there, and although he doesn’t discover anything that’s truly out of the norm or any evidence that someone is squatting there, he does find a can of food that hasn’t been opened. That makes me a little bit nervous, “Additionally, she said. After the finding, Laura and her fiancĂ© reportedly started shopping for a new home so that they could move in together.

Since Laura posted the story on TikTok, it has had over 8.7 million views and a number of comments; the majority of the remarks focus on how horrifying the video was. One of the commentators wrote the following:

“That has simply left me with the most horrible sensation across my whole body.”

“There is no ghost there. That is a guy, to put it plainly. Are you sure you’re not the only one?! Put in a call to the police, “another supporter pointed out. A third user reported the following: “I don’t want to frighten you, but when I was a youngster, our family had a stalker who lived in the attic. Therefore, you should have it looked out.”


When Amber Dawn relocated to Enumclaw, Washington, in 1995, she was just 20 years old. She rented a room on the top floor of an apartment there and lived there alone.

During the first night there, she was awakened by the sound of unknown footsteps above her. Then, as time went on, Dawn saw that certain belongings in her house began to vanish one by one.

When the young woman made several trips to the store, she noticed that some of the cans of soda, soup packets, and packages of noodles that she had purchased were missing each time. Strange occurrences continued to take place over the course of time, and one of them, which included Dawn’s dog, nearly led her to believe that there was a burglar in her house.


According to Dawn, there was a time when she was away from her apartment when it flooded, and at that time she hid her little puppy in the toilet. When Dawn got back from her trip, she was shocked to see the monster hiding in the sink.

The young lady was taken aback by what she saw since she was certain that there was no way that the dog could have made it to that location. Dawn, on the other hand, was not concerned about the possibility of an intruder since her landlord had previously informed her that no one lived in the attic.

On one occasion, Dawn phoned in ill and remained at home until 11 o’clock at night. After that, she sat down in the bathroom, turned out the lights, and got into the tub for a relaxing soak. Dawn said that she had observed the attic hatch was open when she was lying in the water.

Exactly at that moment, the realization dawned upon her that she had a visitor in her apartment. Consequently, Dawn went into the bedroom, put on a robe, retrieved a hammer, and then contacted her sister-in-law. Her sister-in-law suggested that Dawn wait outside for her.

They went straight back to the flat that belonged to the sister-in-law once she arrived and placed a call to the authorities. Despite their best efforts, the police were unable to locate anybody in the attic; however, they did find a sleeping bag, some food, and a book up there.

The next day, Dawn informed her landlord that she would be leaving, and she also gave her a copy of the police report, which said that “indications of a probable intruder” were found in the residence.

Dawn made it clear that she was plagued by such ideas for a number of years. Despite this, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for the person who had broken in. She said that he was the most respectful roommate she had ever had because he stayed to himself.

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