The owner of an engagement ring in England assumed she had lost it forever, only to discover that her dog had really eaten it!

Elayna Rattenbury, 38, of Worcester, United Kingdom, was taken aback when she discovered that her diamond ring was no longer on her bedside table, where she had just placed it the night before. She was originally concerned that someone had robbed her, but she soon recognized who had done it when she found a box of tissues had been ripped open and strewn around the floor. Stevie, her pet Labrador who had slipped into the bedroom, took full responsibility for all that had happened.

“It was an emotional¬†experience,” the woman recalled. When I saw her, I thought to myself, ‘Surely she hasn’t, has she?’ I glanced at her. “But, oh sure, she had,” says the author.

Nonetheless, Elayna took her 7-month-old puppy to the veterinarian to be sure, and as she had feared, her suspicions were confirmed. Stevie had eaten her mother’s diamond ring, according to the X-ray results. Of course, the realization that her ring had been misplaced was a huge relief, but now she had to figure out how to get it back in her possession.

“After some inquiry, the vets determined that the ring was too deep down,” the woman explained to METRO in an interview. It was therefore necessary to let nature take its course and enable the ring to travel through Stevie and out the other end.

The recovery of the ring from Stevie’s abdomen, on the other hand, proved to be far more difficult than Elayna and her husband anticipated. They even employed a metal detector to seek for it after the dog had gone outside, and after four days of searching, they eventually located the item.

According to the woman, her husband Dave even purchased a metal detector in order to try to locate it. Fortunately, on day four, the object was discovered. She went on to say that the carpet “needs a good soaking and scouring.”

Despite the fact that they were concerned that Stevie’s consumption of the ring might cause major internal damage, she managed to make it through without incident. Perhaps the next time, her mother will place the ring on her finger rather than on the bedside table!

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