When their dogs cross the Rainbow Bridge, the vast majority of people say their final goodbyes to them before moving on. In this particular instance, the situation was reversed.

On one particular day, Ryan went to work, as usual, only to suffer a brain hemorrhage and be admitted to the hospital. Upon awakening, his brain scans revealed that the damage to his brain had been too extensive for him to be able to heal.

Meanwhile, Ryan’s beloved dog Mollie remained at home, waiting for him to come back at any time, and she was right. For the rest of her life, Ryan’s family didn’t want Mollie to be the one who wondered why Ryan didn’t return home from work on that particular day.

Mollie’s family asked that the hospital grant them special permission so that Mollie may say her goodbyes and come to terms with the fact that she would never see her father again.

The time she takes to say goodbye is quite valuable.

Mollie is presently residing with Ryan’s family, and she appears to be quite satisfied.

You may help spread the word about this video if you believe that more hospitals should accept pets who are in similar situations.

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