We’d like to introduce you to Marley, a 13-year-old orange tabby cat with a constantly unhappy face that appears to be condemning you and your terrible lifestyle choices. He currently resides in California with his Siamese brother, Sherman, as well as his adoring family. They are a one-of-a-kind family. Not only does Marley have a naturally disappointed expression on her face, but Sherman also has his eyes crossed.

The lovely and unusual brother kitties have collaborated to create an Instagram page that currently has more than 67,500 followers. Their supporters are so devoted to them that they shower them with several adorable presents. What fortunate young men!

Marley and his sibling are both lovely cats who are adored by their owners.

He makes quite amusing facial expressions.

It appears that he is feeling sorry for you.

“I know what you did, and I couldn’t be more disappointed,” he appears to be saying to others around him.

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By Anna

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