The alarm went off at 4 a.m. one early morning, and even though Jack Jokinen was the father of a 1-month-old infant, he recognized that this was something different from the norm.

“I was asleep when my wife woke me up and said, “the baby is fine… but there’s a puppy in our house,” Jokinen told The Dodo. “I was shocked.” “It was obvious that I was befuddled.”

In his living room, he discovered what appeared to be a small Lab mix, which he took to the basement.
During the storm outdoor, he couldn’t think over how the dog had got into the house, which had been completely shut from the inside.

When Jokinen enters the house, he immediately thinks, “There had to be someone in our house.” In order to ensure that no one is hiding in closets or hiding in other places, I do a security sweep. As a result, I’m left wondering how it all came to be. “A magical puppy?” you might wonder.

As a result, he reviewed the security tape from the night before, which had been captured by a camera set outside his front door, and discovered himself returning from a walk with his 2-year-old dog George.

Trying to close the door as he made his way inside, Jokinen discovered that it was still unlocked. After dark, the front door swung open wide when the wind gathered more speed later in the evening.

At 3:16, we can see the dog – Suzy – walking down the street and stopping outside our house on the surveillance video, Jokinen explained. “We’ve christened her Suzy,” Jokinen said. Her feet were soaked and her hands were numb from the cold, and she waited too long before entering the house.”

A half-hour later, a stranger happened to stroll by and saw that the door was also open at that point. He closed the door after making sure everything was in working order. “He was completely unaware that there was a dog in the house who wasn’t ours,” says the author.

In addition to drying the dog, Jokinen and his wife assisted her in feeling at peace. The following day, they contacted animal control, who determined that surrendering the ill stray was not the wisest course of action.
Her teeth were all over the place and she could only walk on three legs because she didn’t have a collar, according to Jokinen.” The notion crossed our minds: “Who knows what will happen if we just leave this puppy out in the open?”

As an alternative, they decided to take Suzy, the “puppy,” to the veterinarian, where they were surprised to learn that she was actually 9 years old.
The fleas and ticks had infested Suzy, and she was also suffering from dental difficulties. The pair made the decision to lend a helping hand. 

As a result of all the negative consequences of leaving your door open in the middle of winter in a major city, we concluded that the best outcome would be to end up with a sweet puppy who had been rescued from the streets… It’s necessary for us to at least give it a shot,” Jokinen concluded.

An image of Suzy uploaded on Facebook by Jokinen became viral, much to his own astonishment. In less than two days, he received $15,000 in donations to assist him in covering the costs of the senior dog’s medical treatment.

The good stranger who had generously shut his door for him that night was also traced down via social media.

Suzy is now safe and warm, and her new family is collaborating with her to assist her in her weight-gain endeavors. She has finally found a place to call her own after a lengthy search.

In part, Jokinen credits the internet’s generosity for enabling him and his team to accomplish their mission. This isn’t our dog — it’s the internet’s dog, in a way,” the author writes.

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