When it comes to having a good time, age is irrelevant. This dog is a living example of this, as she still enjoys the same activities she did when she was a puppy despite her senior age.

Even though she’s 20 years old, Tessa hasn’t lost her instinct to protect her family, despite her age. Another thing she will not let go of is her attachment to her favorite cuddly doll, a stuffed banana. She LOVES her teddy bear so much that she won’t part with it for anything else, and she loves to show it off to everyone.

This soft toy has been inseparable from her for the past five years. Shanna Loren, Tessa’s mother, acquired the monkey for her daughter when another dog murdered her favorite toy, the banana.

After seeing it in the pet store’s clearance section, she recognized that it’s a similar size to the toys that her dog prefers. “As soon as I offered her the banana, she grabbed it.”

When they have visitors, her mother plays with her toy so that everyone can have a little fun.

The last thing she wants is for anyone to say anything before they leave. When she goes, she places it on the best bed she can locate. As a result, she would continue to kiss her toy banana until the day she passed, despite her late age and some hearing loss.

The only way she can unwind is if people say they saw her banana and tell us about it. As far as she’s concerned, she doesn’t see it as a toy. In the words of the mother, “It’s her cherished possession and her life.

It’s hard to believe she’s already 20 years old when you see her.

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