However, despite the tragic war that is currently taking place in Ukraine, there are still examples of goodness that can be found in these difficult times.

A puppy is rescued from the debris of a house that has been shelled by Russian forces at this same point in history by Ukrainian police.

If there were civilians trapped in the wreckage of the building, and police heard a puppy squeal, they swooped into action to save them.

All of the individuals who were working instantly went to help dig the animal to safety, using gloves to lift any debris that had fallen on the animal’s body.

After a little while, they came upon a small black and white dog that was covered in dust and was shivering and gasping for oxygen when they arrived.

Once the dog had been cleaned up, the police were able to track down its 77-year-old owner and return the pet to him.

However, he had lost sight of his pup during the shelling and was extremely grateful to have his pup returned to him after the blast had passed.

After receiving medical attention, he and the pup are both recovering well, with the exception of some minor scratches.

Watch the video here:

By Anna

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