The fact that they were able to capture this on film is incredible:
When the parents of two-year-old Sutton heard murmurs on the baby monitor about an hour after putting the small child to bed, they became rather alarmed. However, they soon found that Sutton was truly praying in his sleep.

Caleb and Kathryn Whitt say their prayers with their young daughter every night before they go to sleep. It was unclear whether 2-year-old Sutton knew why they were praying, but they believe it is vital to take time to think and be thankful for all of life’s blessings, even if they are small.

They put tiny Sutton to bed without saying a prayer one night because they were too busy. After a long day’s work, their body parts were drained of energy. Simply put, they had forgotten to pray for themselves.

Sutton should have been deep asleep at this time, but after nearly an hour, they heard murmurs on the baby monitor. Was their home haunted by ghosts? Apparently so. Was their house broken into by an intruder? Afraid, the Whitts ran away.

Imagine their amazement when they realized that the whispers were coming from Sutton’s direction!! As soon as their adorable little child discovered her parents had neglected to pray, she took matters into her own hands and started praying herself.

During Sutton’s prayer for her friends, parents, and grandparents, Caleb and Kathryn sat quietly, listening intently. And, just for good measure, she said a prayer to Santa Claus. The little Sutton is certain to be on Santa’s good list this year!

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