For as long as she can remember, Skittles has been a playful feline who thinks that life should be an adventure every day. In her spare time, she likes to explore her home in search of new items to climb on and hiding spots, and her mother finds it tough to keep up with her activities.

She is “constantly into things,” according to Skittles’ mother, Jamie Vos, who told The Dodo that if you hear a crash in the home “you can instantly assume it’s her searching for trouble to get into.”

Skittles is almost a little acrobat, and there isn’t a single aspect of the house that she hasn’t attempted to scale at least once. She enjoyed climbing all over the kitchen counters and jumping onto her owners’ shoulders from great heights, and she had just recently discovered that the microwave was yet another exciting obstacle course to try her hand at navigating.

To find a new challenge, Skittles tried to climb onto the microwave’s hood…

… and got a little bogged down in the process.

Eventually, she slipped and fell back down onto the counter, a little embarrassed that she hadn’t found out how to climb to the top of the microwave sooner.

In the words of Vos, “she seems to pick the most difficult approach to do things and then becomes stuck.”

It goes without saying that Skittles will try to scale the microwave once again — and any and all other possibly climbable objects around the house. Simply said, that’s just the way she is.

In an unsuccessful effort to climb the shelves, she knocked everything off the shelf in my bathroom, according to her mother.

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