Sara Sharp, the founder of the Community Cat Club (in South New Jersey), was notified last month that a litter of kittens was in need of immediate medical attention. In an interview with Love Meow, Sara explained that “their mother was too ill and wasn’t producing enough milk to care for them.”

Despite their best attempts, the buff tabby kitten was the only survivor of the litter, despite their best efforts to save them all. He was determined from the beginning and showed tremendous strength for someone with such a small frame.

Things started to look good for the little guy once he started receiving tube feedings, round-the-clock care, and plenty of tender love and attention.

“I was confident that he’d be well within two weeks. For a while, I was concerned since he was one of the smallest, but he soon began to flourish “Love Meow was informed by Sara

Over the next four days, the kitten, whom we named Christian Bale, made significant progress. The moment he began to learn how to walk on his hind legs, and as he became more active, Sara transformed his nest into a comfortable kitty suite.

Having more space to explore and softer things to knead on was nice, but what Christian really needed was to have someone to talk to about his feelings.

“The cutest little dude has always been him. But as soon as he hears me call his name, he rushes to his feet and begs to be picked up and snuggled.”

Having learned how important it is for a kitten’s emotional and behavioral development to have a feline friend, Sara set out to find a feline companion for Christian.

Trying to find a home for a single kitten who was around three weeks old, she sought out her rescue group for help. During the night, she received a call about a tiny tuxedo who had recently been adopted and was feeling lonely.

Heath, the new kitten, was quite noisy and insistent on having a continuous companion. He would cry for attention and would not accept a no for an answer when he needed it.

When the two cats were medically cleared to meet, Heath made a beeline for his new friend and melted right into him. To make up for the missed cuddles, he quickly held to Christian for what seemed like an eternity in a tight, emotional hug.

‘Heath had been feeling really lonely, so he was overjoyed to have a pal,’ Sara told Love Meow.

It has been an unbreakable bond between the two friends ever since that time. It is Heath’s goal in life to never be alone again. He follows his brother from a different mother around the playpen.

Despite the numerous cuddling, Christian is overjoyed to have found a playmate with whom to wrestle and wrestle some more. Heath picks up on his curious and fun demeanor from him.

The two of them work together on everything and support one another as they reach their goals.
Having only been born for about five weeks, the two are only beginning to learn to feed themselves independently. The two of them even eat out of the same bowl at times.

Unlike Heath, who eats with his paws, Christian eats with his face, which is a little more formal than Christian.

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