He had been lying by the side of the road for more than two days. No one was willing to assist. He was exhausted and needed to relax at all times. Izum acknowledged that it was past time to bid this planet goodbye.

It is possible to help a little spirit. And then there was a phenomenon!! He had the sensation that someone was holding him!!! The infant has received assistance!!! Izum does, in fact, pee with delight.

Izum is being taken to the veterinarian by some kind individuals. His chine had been completely broken. He would very definitely have surgery right away. Izum has been alive for around 3.4 months.

That is why it takes a lot of effort to get him to flee. 90 percent of persons with spinal cord injuries are unable to walk as a result of their condition. It was decided to use an essence framework on his chine to assist minimize the severity of his injuries to a minimal.

Izum was well-fed, slept on soft apkins, had his weight boosted, and was carefully monitored. This infant need bottom massage and muscular development on a daily basis.

Izum, on the other hand, is lively and bright, and Izum will run everywhere. Although he has several challenges, Izum is a sociable dog who enjoys his new life despite them all.

By Elen

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