You would be surprised at how much our impressions of another person may impact our actions. Many people have reported feeling comfortable and relaxed just by being in the company of specific individuals.

It may seem impossible, yet it has the potential to save someone’s life. It is the power of specific individuals that I am going to share with you in this narrative.

It all started when Kyrie Jackson and Brielle Jackson, twin sisters, were born in October 1995 in the state of Massachusetts. They didn’t have a very smooth start in life. The twins weighed less than one kilogram when they were born 12 weeks early, at the time of their birth.

The twins were housed in separate incubators to ensure their safety. Kyrie was able to acquire weight immediately after her birth and continued to increase weight. However, Brielle, Brielle’s twin sister, had a far more difficult experience. She was sobbing and screaming uncontrollably.

Brielle’s health improved over time. Gayle Kasparian, an Intensive nurse, did all she could to assist Brielle. She lifted and held the object. She let him hold her. She swaddled her. She cleaned her nose to comfort her. It failed.

Gayle then remembered hearing it in Europe. Gayle knew it was against hospital protocol, but she was so furious she decided to try again. Brielle was born in the same incubator as her twin sister Kyrie. Brielle approached Kyrie quickly.

Brielle’s situation improved. She could breathe better. She stopped weeping and became normal. Brielle’s health improved during the next weeks. So long as Kyrie was around.

A local newspaper photographer caught the twin sisters’ moment. It would be a long-lasting snapshot.

The newborns together navigated through their difficult beginnings. They grew into happy and healthy preschoolers. There was a lot of coverage in the media over the picture of the twins kissing in their incubator.

The photograph gained widespread attention on the Internet and was even included on the covers of Life and Reader’s Digest magazines, among other publications. Heidi Jackson and her husband, Paul Jackson, received so much media attention that they were forced to change their phone numbers. Everyone was looking forward to seeing how the twins developed.

This was the hospital’s first effort at anything like this in its history. Gayle Kasparian was hailed for using her common sense to rescue the young child from certain death. Gayle was of the opinion that twins should not be separated at birth. Exactly!

In the aftermath of this incidence, hospital policies on twin births were revised. Placing twins in the same room has also been demonstrated to have significant health advantages in clinical investigations. This well-known embrace has saved lives and altered the way in which preterm twins are treated.

By Elen

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