Evgeniya Shulyak battled for the puppy’s life till the bitter end came.

Since the girl had lost her beloved pet Kuzya, she had decided that she would not get a new pet for a period of time. The dog arrived in her life at an inconvenient time.

Zhenya happened to come across a notice on the internet one day. Two adorable female pups were brought together by their owners. It was only after the loss of her former pet that her heart was moved, and she realized that she was ready to acquire a new pet.

Evgenia became the owner of a lovely doggo called Dusty. By the way, both of the girls seemed to be in good spirits, with the exception of Evgenia’s dog, who appeared to be sleeping excessively, which they attributed to stress.

It was evident after just 2 hours that something was wrong with the puppy after she had only been in her new home for a couple of hours. The kid was concerned and rushed the dog to the veterinarian because she feared parvovirus!

Evgenia made the decision to fight for the life of the dog. She was of losing yet another pet. Every day, she administered the medications and injections ordered by the doctor, and she was with Dusty at all times.

Fortunately, the young lady was able to save her life, and she was overjoyed that her beloved cat had survived.

Unfortunately, Dusty’s sister turned out to be ill as well, which was unfortunate. Dusty’s sister did not survive, despite the efforts of a large number of volunteers. It is evident that Zhenya put up a significant deal of effort to rescue Dusty, and she did an excellent job completing what seemed to be an impossible task.

By Elen

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