This is the news that all cat lovers have been waiting to hear, and it has finally come from the mouths of those we can put our faith in. Scientists have discovered that watching cat videos may enhance one’s productivity! Having them as pets may be a terrific stress relief for everyone. In fact, numerous businesses allow cats to stay on the premises so that employees may feel more at ease while at work.

Earlier this year, Chris Poole, the proprietor of Cole and Marmalade, had the pleasure of fostering a litter of four little kittens who had been rescued from an abandoned building in the neighborhood. The fact that Chris, who is a cat guy himself, is well-versed in the antics of young kittens is one of the reasons why he decided to present us with an unforgettable experience.

Have you ever wondered what cats do in the middle of the night? We no longer have to guess, since due to Chris’s night vision camera, we can all see the flurry of adorable antics that four tiny cat cubs can put on.

For four nights, he recorded the litter while they lived with him and his internet superstars Cole and Marmalade. We have to admit, it’s one of the most deliciously charming videos we’ve ever seen!

Because they have no issues in their lives (or at least none that they are aware of), these little felines are free to be their cat selves and play with whatever Chris has provided them with as a toy. It took 4 nights and 4 kitties to make this entertaining video.

Watch the video below…

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