You never know what kind of stuff may come along and suddenly touch your heart. It may be a heartwarming anecdote shared by a friend, or it could be a nice video seen on the internet. While we can never predict when such moments will occur, we are delighted when they do.

One waitress had an emotional high point when she received a message at her place of employment.

It happened on a Sunday, which is generally a busy day at the office, and she came in around midway through my 17-hour shift, according to King. “When she was about midway through her dinner, the pace began to calm, and we had a little conversation.” Nothing too serious, just a small conversation. She informed me that she was approaching 70 years old and that she had begun to slow down. — The magazine Newsweek

The waitress Megan King was on her way home after a shift when she observed a tiny lady dining by herself at the table. After doing her best to serve Megan in the manner in which she was accustomed, the conversation seemed to be rather routine until the lady gave her a letter.

That Sunday evening, she received a message in the mail along with her tip.

“She said that she merely wanted to stop by an old favorite for a bite to eat,” King added.

Megan snapped a total of two photographs. The first picture was of the message with the tip, and the second picture was of her face, which was filled with tears! She received the message on Sunday, but it wasn’t until Tuesday that she decided to share it on Twitter. It quickly became popular on the internet.

The lady who was eating was eating out alone for the first time in her life.

Following her recollection of the encounter with the lady, Megan realized that something was wrong. She wishes she had pressed the subject more.

“In hindsight, I wish I had interpreted her silence as an invitation instead of a threat. “Now that I think about it, I believe that’s what she wanted,” King remarked. The fact that she kept staring up at me suggested that she either had a problem with her food or was in need of something. — The magazine Newsweek

Her husband had just gone away, and she had not become used to being by herself.

After recently losing her spouse, the lady decided to treat herself to a meal at her favorite restaurant. In that moment, she realized she was alone and that she would be eating a considerable deal of meals by herself in the next weeks and months.

Megan wished she had done more to engage with the woman, but she was unaware of her predicament at the time.
In hindsight, we always wish we could have done more. Despite the fact that she wished she had done more, Megan definitely made an impression on the lady and warmed her heart a little. Consequently, Megan was able to assist a lady who she was completely unaware needed assistance.

When the message was posted on the internet, people’s hearts warmed.

According to one Twitter user:

I really want to offer a big hug to whoever penned this message. The fact that this made me weep is something I truly don’t want to accept.

To be treated softly and with respect is an excellent reminder, as is this poem. Remember that you never know what people are going through in their life and that your simple act of treating someone with dignity might make their day a whole lot better than it was.

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