Evgeny Anisimov adores his wife and, at the age of 33, he is still a youthful husband. There will never be complete agreement between a couple, but no tiny point of dispute should be enough to drive them to separate. That was the case up until the birth of Misha, his son, which changed everything.

When his wife gave birth to their kid, it was a joyful occasion like to any other delivery, until the devastating news had to be delivered to them.

Their kid was diagnosed with Down syndrome, and the news came as a complete surprise to both parents. Evgeny struggled to come to terms with the diagnosis, but he was determined to be the best parent he could be, no matter what the circumstances were.

His wife, on the other hand, was not as enthusiastic or hopeful as he was. She wanted to place the kid in foster care, which was a proposition that Evgeny did not support in the least.

In addition, he used the term “inhumane” to characterize the situation in question. There’s no sugarcoating it here.
He still considered Misha to be his son, and Evgeny believed that Misha deserved to be happy and to have a father figure in his life. He wasn’t looking forward to receiving a medal or anything like that.

He was just carrying out his parental responsibilities, despite the fact that the original news made him weep for a short period of time. The ideas in Evgeny’s head were not, “This is a kid with Down syndrome,” but rather, “This is my son.”

Dealing with a diagnosis of this kind is never an easy weight to carry for either the parent or the kid, but parenting is never an easy endeavor. As if the title of this website didn’t already convey that message.

Learn all about Down Syndrome as a first step towards moving forward. Before he could figure out what he wanted, Evgeny had to figure out what his kid had.

Having a third copy of chromosome 21 results in Down Syndrome. Unfortunately, there is currently no treatment for down syndrome, and the most you can do for someone who has it is to provide them with the greatest possible life.

When it comes to persons with intellectual impairments, physical disabilities, or genetic illnesses, it goes without saying that we come from a culture that is universally welcoming and supportive.

Misha is unable to express himself or defend himself in any manner. Anything and everything will be done by his father to ensure that he gets what he needs.

He made a point of seizing the chance to educate as many people as possible about the challenges of parenting children with Down Syndrome. His every opportunity provides an opportunity for others to learn. No, this is not a stunt to get social media attention or anything of the kind.

Specifically, he wants to ensure that more parents do not come across children like Misha and immediately consider placing them in foster care or abandoning them.

Despite the fact that his genes are different, he experiences pleasure and love in the same way as everyone else.
All of the pieces about Mishka and myself that are being published right now should transmit and embed that concept into the public consciousness.” And I also want to encourage and inspire individuals who are or will be in a similar position to me by serving as a role model for them. I make an effort to speak with people who are within reach, and I correspond with those who are located in another country. I hope that individuals who are experiencing hardships right now, as we did, will read about us. Do not be alarmed! “Everything is going to be OK!” — According to a post on Boredpanda, Evgeny

Misha, at his age and in his condition, is unlikely to be aware of the fact that he is different from the rest of the population. He is only aware of his father’s affection for him. Evgeny will see to it that individuals like Misha are adored by everyone, just as he is by himself.

This is something that takes time for all of us to understand, and Evgeny himself is no exception. It was with tears of humiliation in his eyes when he discovered his kid had Down Syndrome for the first time.

His senses returned to him after rapidly pulling himself together and realizing that he had nothing to be ashamed of. No parent should ever feel embarrassed by his own kid, particularly when the infant is just a few months old. Evgeny had a flash of inspiration when he had this thinking.

As Evgeny himself put it, he still had all of his limbs and legs, as well as a stable career and a kid to look after.

Genetic problems and issues are always a possibility when contemplating having children, so it’s not like he was completely unaware of what he was getting himself into when he decided to become a parent.
After becoming more knowledgeable about Down Syndrome, he was relieved to discover how little cause for concern there really was. Down syndrome individuals may mingle and integrate into society quite well in Europe, but with some difficulty due to the inherent limitations imposed by their condition.

However, they may live in peace and contentment, and everything else is really a byproduct of that.
In making my choice, I hadn’t considered the possibility of an optimistic situation occurring,” says the author. As far as I was concerned, he was going to enjoy the dawn, I was going to take him for a BBQ, and he was going to go about his business. Yes, he may seem to be depressed to others, but he will have his own life to lead. Never in my wildest dreams did I consider abandoning my kid in an orphanage; it would be horrible.”

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