The Git Up Challenge is a dance competition set to the music of Blanco Brown’s “The Git Up.” The dancing steps for the challenge are dictated by the words of the music. The musician Blanco Brown posted his own instructional on YouTube, along with a song video, for everyone to watch and learn from. Thousands of individuals have taken part in the Git Up Challenge and posted their version of it. These fire rescuers want to demonstrate to the public that they are not only capable of putting out flames, but also of dancing.

Some fire rescues can even dance while wearing their firefighting gear; not many individuals can pull off such routines with wearing such heavy gear, but some firefighters are used to moving quickly while wearing their gear. As seen by their extreme dedication to their Git Up Challenge movie, which begins at the very beginning, these firefighters are also accomplished filmmakers.

New dance contest among volunteer firemen gets the crowd moving.
The fact that these fire rescue volunteers are having a good time is the most crucial factor.

A single shot gives each participant the opportunity to shine, and they all strive to make the most of their time on the camera. A few people dance with the assistance of their suspenders, while others tilt or remove their helmets to serve as a replacement for a cowboy hat.

This group of dancers is not wearing cowboy boots, but rather hefty labor boots. However, this does not seem to be affecting their performance. To demonstrate that they have the dancing moves down completely in sync, the film includes many close-ups of their boots. It is evident that the volunteers had previously performed on a dance floor of some kind. All of the fire rescuers break out into wide grins as Blanco Brown begins singing “do the butterfly.” When they do this dance, they all start to move and giggle, which is a lot of fun to see.

These heroes demonstrate that everyone can have a good time, regardless of how difficult their work is. As a result, these volunteers are “getting up” for their community and participating in the Git Up Challenge. “I live in A/H, and this is an excellent indication of what a wonderful Township we live in!” a person remarked in response. Our Volunteer Fire Department is outstanding, and the individuals that work there are wonderful! “A fantastic way to kick off the new Fire Hall.” “Heroes having a good time!” said another. “You’re looking nice.”

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