A dog named Chase had been neglected for three years and had been exposed to the most terrible cruelty. Her time was spent alone, with only occasional, heartfelt moments from her human friend to break up the monotony. Over time, she got more nervous, and her mental health began to deteriorate, with little possibility of a recovery in sight. We, on the other hand, like happy endings, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with this narrative. Please allow me to introduce you to Chase; this is his story!

Some mistreated canines have a better chance of rehabilitating in a contemporary culture than others. Chase had been sentenced to death in a crowded shelter until she was rescued by an angel who intervened. At the very moment Chase was about to be put to sleep, an animal rescuer by the name of Eldad walked through the door of the shelter.

Chase is shown in this video with his tail tucked and his ears pinned back in a large kennel. Eldad extends his hand, but Chase is reluctant to accept it. Chase bares her fangs and attempts to frighten him away before he “hurts” her in the process. Just like she had learnt from her beginnings with her former owner. Her sole means of protection was to bite the hand before it could do any harm to her.

In spite of Chase’s protections, Eldad was able to penetrate them and chose to approach her once again. It looked that his calm demeanor worked wonders for Chase, who let him to wrap a leash around her. He slipped the leash around Chase’s neck, and she just melted in his arms as he successfully removed her off the kill list and whisked her away to safety.

By Elen

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