Photo of a desperate, hopeless puppy on a leash in the midst of a desolate flood went viral, sparking a worldwide discussion. People in Houston were in a rush to get out of the catastrophe zone, and they were unable to properly care for their pets. However, this particular canine was the recipient of the most fortunate ticket.

The photographer for the Daily Mail, Roarid Connellan, had just finished the obligatory portion of his assignment, which included capturing the flooded areas, when he happened to spot this unhappy puppy. He was able to make it through the flooded region and free Lucky.

That’s what he referred to the dog as. And it is no longer feasible to find out what the dog’s previous name was or where its owners are while the country is in upheaval. The photographer gave her food and drink, but he did not take any of it away with him. Nonetheless, this trailer park is her home, and the owners want to return one day.

The photographer discovered that Lucky’s neighborhood is home to a black pit bull, a handful of cats, and a pony, among other animals. All of the animals are well-kept and domesticated. They are no longer in imminent danger of drowning, and they will be able to get some kind of sustenance for themselves.

However, they will not survive for long since they need human attention. Journalists are unable to just leave the plight of the animals behind. They had to get in touch with the local animal control agency. The service employees, on the other hand, did not provide clear explanations.

It is yet to be hoped that the owners will return to Lucky in a reasonable amount of time. Despite the fact that the photographer himself expresses his dissatisfaction with those who did not care to take 10 seconds to untie a few of knots in their clothing, Users note in the comments that such pet owners should be jailed and permanently barred from owning animals since the conditions are what they are and it is impossible to abandon a pet to certain death in the elements.

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