It seems that the Natall family is your typical American family – husband, wife, children, and dog, to name a few characteristics. Everything, on the other hand, is considerably more intricate. The little youngster, who was the son of the Natall couple, was diagnosed with type I diabetes mellitus, according to the doctors.

When the kid was just two years old, his parents were informed of his very dangerous condition. It has been almost a year since his parents began monitoring the boy’s health on a regular basis. It is necessary to check on the child’s blood sugar level every few hours. This is quite crucial. Because, after all, even a little divergence from the usual might result in significant consequences. And, in certain situations, this results in the death of a sick individual.

They are assisted in this by a four–legged buddy called Jedi, a dog who has grown to be the ill boy’s closest friend. Working with persons who have diabetes was a specialty for which the dog was carefully trained. He is able to detect variations in the patient’s blood sugar level at lightning speed because of the dog’s acute sense of smell.

The little Jedi follows the child wherever he goes, even at home, on the playground, and even while sleeping. If the dog perceives that the kid’s health is in danger, it will respond in a matter of seconds to protect the infant.

Taking the most recent example, it occurred pretty recently. At night, when the whole family was serenely staying in the kingdom of Morpheus, the Jedi raised a real commotion. With a loud growl, the dog roused the boy’s mother from her sleep, alerting her to the knowledge that her son had been attacked.

The drowsy lady didn’t pay much heed to the animal’s antics and just tossed it away after telling it to quiet down, according to the report. In spite of this, the dog refused to leave his owner’s bed and hopped back on it. The lady became aware that something was amiss at that very time. When the boy’s father awoke, he and his wife went to the nursery together to make sure everything was well with their child.

The parents were taken aback when they discovered themselves in the bedroom of a peacefully sleeping son. His blood sugar level, which should not have dropped below 70, rose to 57 divisions, exceeding the recommended limit.

The infant was given an injection right away, which saved his life. The true hero of this event, on the other hand, turned out to be a Jedi who not only detected the threat, but also managed to report it in the precise manner.

By Elen

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