When it comes to adopting a dog, the majority of people choose to adopt healthy and young canines rather than handicapped or old animals. As a result, they do this since caring for these pets is time-consuming and costly. But thank goodness, there are many nice individuals out there who are prepared to go to any length to aid these terrible pets, no matter what the circumstances may be.

Meet Chris and Mariesa Hughes, a married couple that lives in the Clifton Park neighborhood of New York City. They are the guardians of 20 dogs, all of them are elderly and suffering from a variety of health issues.

The Mr. Moment Venture, which the pair founded, is a non-profit organization administered by the couple. The couple realized the need of such an organization when their aging dog, Mo, died away unexpectedly, leaving them with large vet costs. The organization understands that when dog owners do not have the financial means to pay their fees, they will leave their dogs and submit them to animal shelters.

Because of this understanding, they decided to start their own organization to ensure that elderly dogs all throughout the nation get the right care.

“All senior dogs deserve to live out their life in the finest possible conditions. We feel that elderly dogs, like all dogs, deserve to be adopted!” The Mr. Mo Project publishes writings on its website.

In their short time together, Chris and Mariesa have saved hundreds of dogs from being put down, as well as assisted them in receiving treatment and finding permanent homes. The 20 dogs that are now residing in their house, on the other hand, get the most individualized attention.

The couple has already spent more than $55,000 to modify their home in order to ensure that they are happy and healthy. They want to transform their home into a safe sanctuary for these animals.

Because the canines would benefit from low-impact training, the couple invested $30,000 on a hydrotherapy pool. Also included in the package was an elaborately designed $5,500 king-sized bed so they could sleep with their dogs. Their house is dog-friendly, and has ramps, floor mats, plastic sheets, and other amenities.

It is challenging to provide care for 20 old and special needs dogs that are housed together, but they do an excellent job. “It’s weird living with 20 dogs, but we manage to make it work because we have a solid schedule,” Chris said. Every morning, the pair spends 45 minutes feeding the animals and administering medicine to them.

The vet fees are the most difficult aspect of the situation. “We strive to collect as much money as we can, but if one dog requires $20,000 in medical care, we will pay for it using credit cards and worry about it afterwards,” said the organization. Always a vet bill to pay, but we’ve learned to deal with it and, despite how difficult the situation might be at times, everything is worthwhile,” Chris added.

Beautiful family, as well as a powerful reminder that aging and impaired dogs need the same kind of attention and affection as all other canines do.

If you would want to contribute to their efforts to keep the excellent job going, please see their website for more details.

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