During one of Kiara’s dog-walking excursions in Orlando, Florida, she was shocked by the appearance of a stray cat, who walked up to her and greeted her. During the course of her stroll, she became aware that a cat was following her. It was the stray cat that was meowing for attention, apparently unaffected by the imposing dog in the background.

In order to notice the poor kitten, she needed to meow as loudly as she possibly could. She was dripping with oil and grease, and she had fleas all over her body.

According to a close neighbor who Kiara asked for assistance, the cat did not belong to anybody and had been roaming the streets her whole life. The fact that many people had seen her and passed her by didn’t mean that any of them had brought her into their houses with them.

Following the completion of her dog-walking duties, Kiara and her boyfriend, Chris, headed to the pet store to stock up on supplies for the kitten. As soon as they arrived home, they bathed her in order to remove all of the dirt and grime that had gathered.

So, after feeding Hope and assisting the small baby to her new bed, Kiara went to bed. It was the first time I saw her kneading on her bed that I realized how comfortable she was. That item was maybe the first thing she’d ever owned that made her feel protected. Now that she was no longer alone, she could count on a consistent supply of food, attention, comfort, and toys.” Kiara expressed her feelings.

When Hope was three and a half months old, she weighed just 2.9 pounds. She didn’t have any other health issues, and she was always upbeat. She seemed to recognize that she is blessed with a fantastic mom who loves her above and beyond anything else.

Kiara and her partner provided Hope with a substantial amount of food in order for her to gain weight. Because to the efforts of the rescuers, she has grown in both size and strength. As of now, she is five and a half months old, and she has grown significantly in stature.

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