When the small puppy couldn’t find any safety, he went beneath the heating pipe and remained there for three days and nights. Despite his efforts, the animal was unable to summon assistance. Everyone ignored his cries for help from the outset, even though they were heartbreaking. The unfortunate canine had given all hope of ever being rehabilitated or adopted. He didn’t do anything except sit there and wait for the end.

When the puppy reached a certain age, his eyes were no longer opened. Although Oksana was unaware of his presence, he was lucky. When the lady returned from work, she saw a little, grimy lump beneath the pipe. Oksana thought the animal was in a really tough state because of its health. So she sought assistance from a well-known animal rights activist, who recommended her to take the orphaned animal to a veterinarian facility as soon as she possibly could.

A really skilled young doctor took care of the animal, and his high level of professionalism helped him save many lives during his career. There was little hope of rescuing the animal, according to the veterinarian. It was said that the patient was in desperate need of a donor at that time. This did not ensure success, however, since the results of the dog’s tests were disheartening to say the very least. Doctors were prepared to do anything they could for the four-legged patient, and they were.

The animal rights enthusiast sought assistance from another volunteer, Alexander. On his property, he has a large number of rescued animals. Linda was chosen to be the donor for the tiny Ladushka, it was determined. This is a large and gorgeous dog, whose destiny was not always in his favor.

The volunteers were very concerned about Ladushka’s safety. Linda was able to save her life, which was fortunate. Lada’s life was actually saved by an adult dog that came into her life when she was weak and fatigued. The outcome was nothing short of spectacular!

Her tail wagged slightly when volunteers approached the dog’s cage, and she smiled, giving them a warm and cheerful grin on her face as she thanked them for their assistance. She seemed to be little, skinny, and sad in comparison to her surroundings, yet her beauty and charm were undeniably there.

Lada’s appearance is that of a fluffy white bear cub on the outside of the animal. Because of her affable demeanor, she readily accepts caressing and scratching in place of her muzzle. Poor puppy, she’s relieved that she’s finally getting some heat. A lot has happened to her at the age of one and a half, and she has no idea what will happen to her in the future.

Ladushka will survive, according to the medics. We had her picked up at the veterinarian’s office already! The problem is that in this condition, it cannot be inhabited in high-exposure areas where animals carrying a variety of illnesses might be found. Home comfort and care are desperately needed for this sad puppy. The volunteers are hopeful that Lada will be taken in by a trustworthy and responsible individual in the near future.

Aside from that, Linda, the rescuer, is in desperate need of a loving home and adoptive parents, too.

By Anna

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